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This is a fabulous program! The hands on was amazing...definitely a confidence booster and I think would prepare any amateur artist to start freelancing or start at any dept. store! I look forward to registering for the level 2 editorial/fashion class! All the teachers were knowledgeable and kept the classes interesting! Professional and respectful! Thank you London Eyes!
-Jorganna P.

I spent several months researching various makeup academies before I settled on attending London Eyes Inc. International Academy of Makeup. I was very excited to find an in-depth program that occurs within a reasonable time frame. I filled one complete notebook with the wealth of knowledge I received from this amazing program! When I completed Level 1 and 2, I felt like I had exactly what I needed to begin to build my business as a freelance makeup artist. I feel honored to have attended London Eyes Inc. to have learned from the most amazing and incredible Instructors and just to name a few, Niehla Ollie, Laura Tigipko, and Yolanta Wadecki "Education Director". In my opinion, this entire experience was priceless! Thank you so very much for teaching me and continuing to help and care about my training. You have made it possible for my dreams to become a reality.
-Malina M.

I absolutely loved this class. All the instructors were very knowledgeable and nice to work with, as were all the girls in the class. I was actually going to take another class in Chicago, which I'm so happy I changed my mind. Read reviews before signing up! That is the only advice I can give you! No tricks or gimmicks here. It is well worth the money and you won't be dissatisfied! Thank you London Eyes for a great class and learning experience!! Looking forward to the airbrush seminar and level 2 class!
-DC C.

I absolutely recommend that anyone interested in make-up artistry and moving forward in the business attend this school! Friendly atmosphere, great teachers, and most of all, useful and helpful information! I have taken classes here and plan to do all of them, it is such a wonderful experience don't let this opportunity pass you by! I highly recommend taking the media course, professional photo shoot is included and opportunities to participate in fashion shows.
-Luz V.

I also attended Level I and II at London Eyes. This school goes beyond what you expect to learn about makeup. Besides the intensive program, they prepare you for the industry and teach you confidence and to believe in yourself. Plus, the behind the scenes opportunities they offer to their students are great experiences for new makeup artists. Very grateful I picked London Eyes. I highly recommend it to everyone who is serious about becoming a professional makeup artist.
-Agnieszka G.

Attending London Eyes was one of the best decisions I ever made, I look Level 1 and 2. I learned so much, and since graduating, have had many good experiences in the makeup industry. The teachers are fantastic and teach real-life experience in the industry. The products used in school are also top brands, so you can complete any look. I am so happy I chose to attend this school and can't wait to start my career.
-Aaron G.

The instructors make the whole experience worthwhile. They are willing to take extra time to explain and give advice/tricks. It was a lot of fun and I would recommend this school to anyone who is interested in makeup.
-Andrea B.

I would recommend coming to London Eyes and taking these courses because this school is amazing. I have learned so much and this school has given me so many opportunities.
-Christal K.

I would recommend this course to a lot of people because the teachers are great. It is easy to get along with the students and you learn a lot.
-Elizabeth I.

I would highly recommend London Eyes School. It is a great learning experience and a fun learning environment. All the teachers have field experience and are very knowledgeable. I am actually excited to go to a class every week and look forward to moving up to the next levels. London Eyes also gives great opportunities to practice out in the field you are interested in. I was able to work on the set of a film and it was an amazing learning experience. I now feel more comfortable in starting my carrier.
-Valerie C.

London Eyes is a great school to study makeup because teachers are honest about your future in the industry and tell us what we really need to know. The school also provides a kit that helps you set yourself a base to start from in assembling your own. Some of the teachers even let you see their own portfolio work, so you can see where the standard is set.
-Samantha P.   

I took the Beauty Makeup course at London Eyes at the end of 2007. I have been doing great with my own makeup business. It has been a fun journey and I am having a great time with makeup artistry. I have opportunities to do makeup for numerous photo shoots and numerous brides and bridal parties. Brides are now the majority of my clients.
My work is also gaining international appeal as they have been featured in European, African, and US magazines. Some of my work has also been up on large billboards gracing the streets of numerous African countries. I have flown around the US, as well as Dubai, Europe, and Africa for makeup projects. It has been great, and I thank you for the makeup education. Many people see on my website that I attended London Eyes School and they always contact me and ask for my recommendation on the school, I and of course I refer them to your programs!

-Bisi E.

I really love this school. They got very good teachers. For never doing makeup before I learned a lot. London Eyes is very good. I will recommend it to a lot of people that want to start a makeup business. I will come back to learn more.
-Yesenia R.

London Eyes is an amazing school in every way! Going into this program, I knew I was passionate about makeup, but now that I have completed it, I feel even more passionate. Every teacher made me love the art and profession of makeup artistry even more by allowing their passion to shine through in their technique and amazing teaching skills.
I am sad to leave the school, for now, but extremely excited and anxious to take other classes and begin my carrier as a professional makeup artist. I want to make the school and my teachers proud and to thank them for all they have given me!

-Antonella A.

London Eyes has a wide variety of instructors whose individual styles help you understand different aspects of makeup artistry. Everyone is very helpful and experienced, so that we gain the knowledge for becoming a talented makeup artist. The classes were very insightful and fun because everyone is very professional yet excited about teaching us.
-Aafreen S.     

I recently graduated from London Eyes International Academy of Makeup. Attending this Academy was a great experience. The school employs highly trained professionals who are still working in the field of makeup artistry. The instructors were multi-cultural and provided us with the knowledge to work with all ethnicities. They were very forthcoming with suggestions and ideas. The information we obtained geared us to help anyone achieve.
-Sarena W.     

Hi ladies! I miss you all, I'm going to come and visit because I moved to a condo right down the street! Thank you for everything I miss going to school there cant believe its been 2 years! I recommend the school to everyone that asks where I went! xoxo
-Carolyn M.     

love this school....its the best
-LaTona E.

Ever since the first day of the school I knew this is going to be something special and I was right.
Being a student of London Eyes Inc. was not only knowledgeable, but it was also so much fun. I have learned such more than I thought I would and I am so happy I did. I applaud their hygiene policy because I think it is very important and necessary and being a bit of a germ fob myself I was very comfortable with all procedures we had. Overall I had a great time in my first level and cannot wait to start the second and would recommend it to everyone who wants to get thorough knowledge in makeup.

-Marijana F.

I’m very glad that I found such a professional place to learn about makeup artistry. Teachers were very detailed about every thing and really willing to share their knowledge with us. I liked smoky eyes and bridal. This was the most excited class for me. I’ve been a stylist for 20 years and feel like I have a huge room to learn about makeup. I would like to become bridal makeup artist and stylist in one person and then go to fashion. Thank you.

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